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Increase Awareness, Conquer Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly cancers. Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer is very common  and an awareness if this condition is very much necessary to detect it at an earlier stage.
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What is pancreatic cancer?

Pancreatic cancer starts in the ductal cells of the  pancreas and it can spread to nearby and distant organs at a very fast rate. It is one of the most aggressive of all cancers. Detecting it at the earliest is rarely possible. But those with a family history of pancreatic cancers or any other gastrointestinal cancers may be able to detect its presence (if Any) by conducting regular checkups. Pancreatic cancer is mostly seen in men rather than in women.

What are the different types of pancreatic cancers?

The pancreas secretes digestive enzymes and hormones such as  insulin, that controls blood sugar levels. The pancreatic cancer is classified according to the area it is affected. Here are the various kinds of pancreatic cancer.

Exocrine pancreatic cancer

Most of the cases of pancreatic cancer arise from the exocrine pancreas and is called pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Exocrine pancreas is that part of the pancreas which secretes digestive juices.

Endocrine pancreatic cancer

Endocrine pancreatic cancers are not that common. They arise from pancreatic cells that secrete hormones that are released into the blood stream directly. Cancers that  arise from these cells are called islet cell tumors.

What are the causes of pancreatic cancer?

The exact reason or cause behind pancreatic cancer is still not known but there are certain risk factors that can cause this.
  • A family history of pancreatic cancers can increase the risk of development of cancer
  • There is an increased risk of pancreatic cancer amongst cigarette smokers rather than the non-smokers and among alcoholics as well.
  • Obese people have an increased risk of development of pancreatic cancer.

What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancers?

The symptoms and signs aren't usually noticed until the disease advances to a later stage.
  • Jaundice – Yellowing of skin, eyes and urine is the most common symptom.
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Upper abdomen pain that spreads to the back
Get yourself tested if you symptoms suspicious of pancreatic cancer. Don’t worry if you have been detected with pancreatic cancer. Dr. Kamalesh, laparoscopic gastro surgeon Kochi, has a vast experience in managing  pancreatic cancers and provides advanced laparoscopic pancreatic cancer surgery in Kerala at affordable cost.    
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